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Independent Sales Representative

You – the independent sales representatives – are the crucial link that makes the promotional product industry work. You are out there everyday, making the human contact that is essential to almost every sale. You make the initial contact, and you stay in touch with the customer before, during, and after the sale.

You hear about it if something goes wrong. But when it comes time to split commission, the distributor takes half the profit and keeps the confidential supplier incentives – such as end quantity pricing (EQP) and volume bonuses – for itself. Is it any wonder that experienced sales reps like you are so dissatisfied?

It’s Time for Big Changes in the Promotional Products Industry

Do you remember what investing was like before discount brokerage firms existed? Every time you made an investment, you paid your stockbroker the full commission fee – even if you didn’t ask for investment advice. That was the deal… no getting around it. Naturally, there was always grumbling among the more self-reliant investors. They saw themselves as paying overhead costs for services they seldom or never used. Eventually, various stockbrokers came to agree. The more tenacious and capable of these stockbrokers created “discount brokerages” like Charles Schwab, delivering the services informed investors wanted and getting rid of other less desirable services that drove up overhead and kept investor costs high. The knowledgeable investing public responded enthusiastically.

Today, Promotional Concepts is applying the same discount brokerage concept to the promotional product industry. The implications for sales people will be profoundly positive.

Why Discount Brokerages Make Sense, Regardless of the Industry

People who use discount brokers tend to be experienced investors who do their own research and make their own decisions. They only need someone to execute transactions and handle certain paperwork functions. Investors who operate this way cost the brokerage house much less than investors who require more research and consultation.

The same idea applies to the promotional products industry. Experienced sales reps know what they’re doing. They don’t need someone to provide a wide range of high-overhead services that they seldom use. They only need someone to handle the paperwork, pay commissions up-front, coordinate with suppliers, and handle certain other “back office” functions. Discount brokerage – whether for stock or for promotional products – isn’t for everyone, but it’s great for the most experienced, knowledgeable individuals.

Take the Quick-Check Test

Promotional Concepts will assure success – and that of our independent sales reps – by carefully screening all individuals who want to be affiliated with us. Use the chart below to do a quick self-check.

  •   You are an experienced Sales Rep
  •   You sell more than $100,000 a year
  •   You could operate successfully without perks like travel incentives
  •   You believe you deserve more of the profits from each sale
  •   You see your relationship with the customer as critical to making a sale
  •   You want to spend more time selling
  •   You can handle change
  •   You want to be part of a company that sees the value of people
  •   You want to receive supplier incentives or be able to share them with customers

Did most of these states fit your style of doing business, your desires and goals? If they did, you could benefit greatly from Promotional Concepts’ discount brokerage service. And if you can benefit, then isn’t it time for us to talk?

What Phoenix Offers

Promotional Concepts offers it’s affiliated sales reps various “back-office” services that allow you to concentrate on selling and simplify your paperwork. At the same time, Promotional Concepts expedites sales commissions and generally makes it easier for you to do business. Promotional Concepts provides the following services for a fixed fee:

  • Pre-sale support
  • Price negotiations for quantity discounts and perks from suppliers
  • Finance and process orders
  • Supplier incentives like EQP and volume rebate
  • Commission payment upon booking the order
  • Order clarification and follow up
  • Customer service
  • Invoicing
  • Cash Receipts and Collections
  • Management reports

The Phoenix Fee Plan

Choose Commission Code on sale




Enter Gross Sales Amount

Promotional Concepts charges a straight 15% of the sell price for providing the services. Compare this to the 50% profits that other major distributors charge sales reps (or small distributors) for processing orders. Promotional Concepts does not charge transaction fees, monthly fees or any other types of charges.

Remember, too, that Promotional Concepts is very well-respected in the industry, so many suppliers give us incentives like end-quantity pricing and volume discounts. We have an excellent repertoire with many major vendors to get issues resolved quickly. Promotional Concepts passes on all suppliers’ incentives because we believe these rewards should go to the person driving the sale: That’s you!

Volume Purchasing Power

Promotional Concepts passes on supplier incentives (i.e., end quantity pricing and volume bonuses) in their entirety. We handle supplier relations and negotiate pricing on your behalf. We are happy to work with your current suppliers. Because Promotional Concepts works with distributors throughout the country, we may be able to bring additional sales volume to your trusted suppliers.

You’ll Benefit from Our New Equipment, Specialized Software, & Great Staff

Promotional Concepts benefits greatly from being a young and flexible company. For instance, we are equipped with today’s most state-of-the-art computers and programming especially detailed for the promotional products industry and order information at our fingertips, high speed internet and ESP Online. Our key staff positions are held by highly trained people with over 200 years of experience in the promotional products field. They know what they’re doing, and they have the resources to do the best job possible for you.

Phoenix Provides Accessibility

We pride ourselves in our efficiency and good customer service. We can communicate in any manner that suits your needs and is most efficient for you. Phone, fax, or e-mail. We’re here to make it easy for you. Give us a call and we’ll show you how simple we can make it for you.